Industrial Hoses are critical system components and their purchase and supply should not be trusted to just anyone.  UIP International Hose Products provide you the safest and most dependable products available in the industry.  Industrial rubber hoses are manufactured to handle a myriad of media.  The inner tubes and outer covers are composed of select rubber compounds and other materials designed for the specific hose type.  The make-up of the hose addresses the pressure, flexibility, vacuum and other required specifications related to the application.  Selecting the correct hose type is vital to the successful implementation of the hose system.  Call us today for help selecting the correct hose for your needs.  We can also build custom industrial rubber hoses fabricated to your specifications.

UIP supplies the following hose for a wide range of industries and applications:

Industrial Rubber Hose

Our Hose products are produced in accordance with the ISO 9001:20015 Quality Management System which ensures strict control of our products.  Compliance inspections and audits are conducted throughout the year to ensure continuity and compliance with all requirements. This certification helps to ensure all our products are safe, reliable and of excellent quality.

Nahad Hose Safety Member
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We also manufacture a variety of other products for various industries and applications:

Our capabilities vary according to size and length up to 48″ I.D. and 100 foot lengths.
We can install cam & groove, threaded, and flanged couplings.

Please note: there is a 20% cutting fee for all industrial hoses cut shorter than 100 feet.  Fee may be waived if shorter lengths are already available.