Custom Cut Rubber, Rubber Stripping, Gaskets, and Seals

UIP International provides custom cut rubber stripping and sealing solutions to meet the needs of almost any industrial application. We carry a comprehensive inventory of nonmetallic materials and offer same-day order confirmation and shipping. UIP uses advanced manufacturing techniques like CNC knife cutting, die cutting, stripping, and custom design services for demanding industries.


Whether your project requires high-tech equipment or expertly hand-crafted molds, UIP has the tools and expertise to meet your needs. We offer several services for producing custom rubber stripping, seals, and gaskets.

CNC Knife Cutting

Designed for quick turnaround of large scale nonmetallic materials, the CNC knife cutting machine uses advanced technology to ensure precision and accuracy on single or large production runs. Utilizing our CAD system, we are able to build and customize any gasket design.

Benefits of CNC knife cutting include:

  • Consistent gasket uniformity
  • Accommodates complex shapes and designs
  • Able to add grooves, recesses, or rebates
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Eliminates human error
  • Capable of both small and large production runs
  • Works with a diverse array of materials and thicknesses

Die Cutting

Our top-performing, versatile cutting press cuts both roll or sheet form materials with high trolley displacement speed, low energy consumption, and excellent reliability, producing great cutting quality at cost-effective prices. Dies can be purchased locally and stored on site.

Advantages of the die cutting process include:

  • Dies are reusable
  • Works with many material options
  • Reduces material waste
  • Achieves consistent, repeatable tolerances
  • Effective for small and large scale production runs


UIP sources hard-to-find, hand-cut stripping of rubber materials in lengths of up to 50 feet. All types of synthetic rubbers are available. Rubber material stripping is used to produce many types of products, including:

  • Door seals
  • Insulation
  • Hatches
  • PSA backed seals
  • Wiper blades

Custom Design

UIP manufactures custom gaskets and seals for a wide range of industries and applications, such as appliance, marine, and electrical applications. We offer the cutting abilities and technology required to create the exact gasket you need for your project.

cloth inserted neoprene
rubber strips
rubber stripping
white rubber strips
white rubber rolls

Capabilities & Applications

At UIP, we can quickly cut rubber and other soft materials into nearly any shape, size, or configuration that your application requires. We offer customized design services with our CAD software programs and maintain a large inventory of nonmetallic materials. With our advanced technology, we can turn around projects in as little as one day.

Custom cut rubber products are found in highly diverse applications. UIP International delivers custom gasket, seal, and rubber stripping solutions for these industries:

  • Aerospace: Aerospace seals and gaskets are used in airframe door and window seals, engine fire barriers, and other aircraft hatches and paneling.
  • Automotive: The automotive industry uses rubber gaskets in cooling systems, engines, transmissions, car doors, and windshields. 
  • Chemical/Petrochemical: Gaskets in chemical-related applications—such as control valves, compressors, and pumps—must withstand high temperatures and highly corrosive environments. 
  • Electrical: Gaskets and seals in outdoor telecommunication or electrical equipment must provide protection from water, dust, and electromagnetic interference. 
  • Pharmaceutical: Drug processing equipment such as conveyor belts rely on rubber products that inhibit bacterial growth and support a contaminant-free environment. 
  • Transportation: Durable silicone gaskets dampen vibrations and facilitate effective radiator performance in industrial, commercial, and personal vehicles. 
  • Power generation: Seals and gaskets are vital components of generators, steam turbines, and pressure valves, as well as auxiliary equipment like piping systems, water pumps, and compressors. 
  • Construction & mining: Reliable seals and gaskets in construction equipment and hydraulic pumps must withstand high pressure environments.
  • Food & beverage: Food packaging equipment, refrigerators, and ovens require food-grade seals and gaskets.
  • Marine: Watertight seals are critical in marine applications. They must also withstand environmental challenges such as exposure to sun, rain, and petroleum products. 
  • Oil & gas: The oil and gas industry requires seals and gaskets that can resist aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. Control valves, blowout preventers, and pipe connections are some components that require robust custom rubber solutions. 
  • Water & wastewater: Gaskets made from specialized materials have to meet the requirements of potable water and wastewater applications. 

Other Applications

Many products and components function best with custom fabricated rubber seals and gaskets. These are some of the applications for which UIP develops solutions:

  • Custom cut gaskets for OEM applications
  • Custom cut rubber feet, pads, and industrial bumpers
  • Rubber shock absorbers
  • Rubber wiper blades
  • Manway gaskets
  • Discs, spacers, and washers
  • PSA backed rubber and seals up to ⅛” thick
  • Mechanical gaskets and seals
  • Boiler seals and gaskets
  • Food grade gaskets


  • Butyl gaskets
  • Closed cell foam gaskets
  • CSM/Hypalon® gaskets
  • EPDM gaskets
  • FDA grade gaskets
  • FKM/Viton® gaskets
  • Nitrile gaskets
  • Neoprene gaskets
  • SBR CI gaskets
  • SBR red rubber gaskets
  • Silicone gaskets
  • Tan pure gum rubber gaskets

Other Nonmetallic Gasket Materials

  • Cork
  • Compressed fiber
  • Klingersil
  • PTFE/Teflon®

Semi-Metallic Materials

  • Graphite (foil or tang-inserted)

40 Years of Experience in Custom Rubber Products

UIP International is a leading provider of expertly crafted custom rubber products, including die-cut gaskets, seals, and rubber stripping. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we adhere to strict quality control procedures and deliver specialized solutions that meet the most stringent requirements. UIP offers competitive pricing and quick turnaround times on projects of all sizes. To learn more, contact us or get a quote today.

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