Atlantic International Couplings

Cam & Groove Couplings

Metal Selection: CB=Cast Brass AL=Aluminum SS=316 Stainless Steel

Type A Male Adapters Female ThreadPart A
Male Adapter
Female Thread
3/4″ A075CB A075AL A075SS
1″ A100CB A100AL A100SS
1-1/4″ A125CB A125AL A125SS
1-1/2″ A150CB A150AL A150SS
2″ A200CB A200AL A200SS
2-1/2″ A250CB A250AL A250SS
3″ A300CB A300AL A300SS
4″ A400CB A400AL A400SS
5″ A500CB A500AL A500SS
6″ A600CB A600AL A600SS
Type E Male Adapter Hose ShankPart E
Male Adapter
Hose Shank
3/4″ E075CB E075AL E075SS
1″ E100CB E100AL E100SS
1-1/4″ E125CB E125AL E125SS
1-1/2″ E150CB E150AL E150SS
2″ E200CB E200AL E200SS
2-1/2″ E250CB E250AL E250SS
3″ E300CB E300AL E300SS
4″ E400CB E400AL E400SS
5″ E500CB E500AL E500SS
6″ E600CB E600AL E600SS
part b female coupling

Part B
Female Coupler
male Thread

3/4″ B075CB B075AL B075SS
1″ B100CB B100AL B100SS
1-1/4″ B125CB B125AL B125SS
1-1/2″ B150CB B150AL B150SS
2″ B200CB B200AL B200SS
2-1/2″ B250CB B250AL B250SS
3″ B300CB B300AL B300SS
4″ B400CB B400AL B400SS
5″ B500CB B500AL B500SS
6″ B600CB B600AL B600SS
Type F Male Adapter Male threadPart F
Male Adapter
Male Thread
3/4″ F075CB F075AL F075SS
1″ F100CB F100AL F100SS
1-1/4″ F125CB F125AL F125SS
1-1/2″ F150CB F150AL AF150SS
2″ F200CB F200AL F200SS
2-1/2″ F250CB F250AL F250SS
3″ F300CB F300AL F300SS
4″ F400CB F400AL F400SS
5″ F500CB F500AL F500SS
6″ F600CB F600AL AF600SS
female couplers hose shankPart C
Female Coupler
Hose Shank
3/4″ C075CB C075AL C075SS
1″ C100CB C100AL C100SS
1-1/4″ C125CB C125AL C125SS
1-1/2″ C150CB C150AL C150SS
2″ C200CB C200AL C200SS
2-1/2″ C250CB C250AL C250SS
3″ C300CB C600AL C300SS
4″ C400CB C400AL C400SS
5″ C500CB C500AL C500SS
6″ C600CB C600AL C600SS
Dust Plug - Use with AdaptersPart DP
Dust Plug-for use
with adapter
3/4″ DP075CB DP075AL DP075SS
1″ DP100CB DP100AL DP100SS
1-1/4″ DP125CB DP125AL DP125SS
1-1/2″ DP150CB DP150AL DP150SS
2″ DP200CB DP200AL DP200SS
2-1/2″ DP250CB SP250AL DP250SS
3″ DP300CB DP300AL DP300SS
4″ DP400CB DP400AL DP400SS
5″ DP500CB DP500AL DP500SS
6″ DP600CB DP600AL DP600SS
Type D Female Couplers Female Thread

Part D
Female Coupler
Female Thread

3/4″ D075CB D075AL D075SS
1″ D100CB D100AL D100SS
1-1/4″ D125CB D125AL D125SS
1-1/2″ D150CB D150AL D150SS
2″ D200CB D200AL D200SS
2-1/2″ D250CB D250AL D250SS
3″ D300CB D300AL D300SS
4″ D400CB D400AL D400SS
5″ D500CB D500AL D500SS
6″ D600CB D600AL D600SS
Type DC Dust CapPart DC
Dust Cap-for use
with adapter
3/4″ DC075CB DC075AL DC075SS
1″ DC100CB DC100AL DC100SS
1-1/4″ DC125CB DC125AL DC125SS
1-1/2″ DC150CB DC150AL DC150SS
2″ DC200CB DC200AL DC200SS
2-1/2″ DC250CB DC250AL DC250SS
3″ DC300CB DC300AL DC300SS
4″ DC400CB DC400AL DC400SS
5″ DC500CB DC500AL DC500SS
6″ DC600CB DC600AL DC600SS

Note: Dust Caps with Locking Handles available upon request.

Units may be locked. Included safety clips can be inserted to lock handles to avoid disconnect during use.
1/2″ couplers have one handle.

Dust Plugs and Dust Caps are not to be used in pressure applications.


Part AA
Part AA
Male Adapters x Male Adapters
Size Part Number
2″ AA200AL
3″ AA300AL
4″ AA400AL
3″ x 2″ AA300200AL
3″ x 4″ AA300400AL
Part DA
Part DA
Female Couplers x Male Adapters
Size Part Number
2″ x 3″ A2030DAAL
2″ x 4′ A2040DAAL
3″ x 2″ A3020DAAL
3″ x 4″ A3040DAAL
4″ x 2″ A4020DAAL
4″ x 3″ A4030DAAL
Part DD
Part DD
Female Couplers x Female Couplers
Size Part Number
2″ A200DDAL
3″ A300DDAL
4″ A400DDAL

Combination Nipples

AIC offers KC nipples which are available in Stainless Steel and plated carbon steel.  They are primarily used for connecting to pumps and piping systems for transferring fluid and low pressure air.

The most common methods of connecting KC nipples to the hose utilizes crimp sleeves or preformed bands.

Nipples are designed to eliminate the need for enlarged or cuffed hose ends and are used for oil, petroleum, water, abrasives and dry product.

Nipples are threaded male NPT onto which can be threaded a wide variety of coupling types that can easily be replaced when damaged without disturbing the hose end.

combination KC nipples