• air spring bellows

Air Spring Bellows

Bellows Type Air Springs 

are used to solve vibration and noise problems in many industrial applications. Frequently used in passenger vehicle applications as seat suspensors and elements to provide vibration and shock isolation. The air spring characteristic can be controlled by changing the inner pressure.  Air Springs maintain a constant clearance between the road and the bottom of the vehicle even if the load of the vehicle changes.

Air springs can also be used as air actuators in many applications, including: Lifting platforms, jacks, pressing devices for paper machines, tension devices for belt conveyors, clamping devices for industrial gluing operations, car and truck clutches, brake shoe control devices and many others. The bellows are an important component for eliminating vibration in engineered technologies.

RUBENA Type Air Spring

A complete air spring consists of a corrugated air spring body made of rubberized fabric, two clamping rings, the top clamp plate with air inlet, the bottom plate and center rings. The plates are designed to be attached to non-resilient and resilient-mounted parts of the vehicle.

Available Configurations:

  • Bellows Only Air Springs
  • Bellows Assembly with Aluminum Flanges
  • Bellows Assembly with Metal Ends and Metal Bands
  • Bellows Assembly with Metal Ends and Built-in Rubber Bands
  • Bellows Assembly with Built-in Crimped Ends
  • All configurations available in 1, 2 or 3 convolutions

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