Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

metal bellows expansion joints

UIP International, Inc. is one of the leading Metal Bellows Expansion Joint Suppliers.

When selecting UIP International metal bellows expansion joints, you can be rest assured that these joints were designed to last.  We offer a large variety of metal expansion joints that offer solutions for multiple applications and industries.  This website outlines the selection and installation of our Metal Bellows Type Expansion Joints and Pump Connectors for use in pipelines and process vessels to absorb motion in the system. Our products incorporate the latest recommendations of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association.

Benefits of Metal Expansion Joints

  • Vibration Isolation: unnecessary vibration in piping systems can cause severe damage to the system and surrounding equipment.
  • Wide Temperature & Pressure Rages: metal expansion joints can handle a wide range of hot and low temperatures, conveying liquids, solids and abrasive materials.  They also offer high pressure ratings.
  • Low Maintenance: Metallic expansion joints require very little maintenance when constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant materials and offer a long life cycle.

Types of Metal Expansion Joints

Single Bellows Nipple Ends

single bellows nipple ends

Single Bellows Floating Flange

Single Bellows Fixed Flange

single bellows fixed flange

Single Raised Face Flange

Dual Bellows

dual bellows

Elbow Pressure Balance Units

elbow pressure balance units

Dual Bellows Universal Tied

dual bellows universal tied

Engine Exhaust

Hinged Bellows

Pump Connectors

pump connectors

Externally Pressurized Bellows

externally pressurized bellows

Gimbal Pipe Bellows

gimbal pipe bellows

  • Absorbs damaging vibrations in piping systems
  • Absorbs mechanical movements
  • Space-saving options
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Multiple variations and configurations
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant