Crimp Sleeves & Adapters

Crimp sleeves are a common option available to safely attach a fitting to a hose for an assembly using a crimping machine and proper die selection. When choosing a crimp sleeve it is important to make sure the pressure rating of the sleeve corresponds with the hose and the fitting for successful use in service. The application pressure should never exceed the pressure rating of the sleeve and selected fitting. Our crimp sleeves are rated for 150 psi.

crimp sleeves

Crimp Sleeves

Crimp Sleeves
SizePart NumberDescriptionI.D.O.D. Range
1-1/2″CSS521-1/2″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.055″1.953-2.000″
1-1/2″CSS541-1/2″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.118″2.016-2.063″
1-1/2″CSS561-1/2″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.181″2.078-2.125″
1-1/2″CSS571-1/2″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.055″2.141-2.1875″
2″CSS672″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.626″2.516-2.563″
2″CSS682″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.689″2.578-2.625″
2″CSS702″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.744″2.641-2.688″
2″CSS722″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve2.8072.703-2.750″
3″CSS943″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve3.689″3.578-3.625″
3″CSS953″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve3.750″3.641-3.688″
3″CSS973″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve3.823″3.703-3.750″
3″CSS983″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve3.886″3.766-3.813″
4″CSS1184″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve4.626″4.578-4.625″
4″CSS1214″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve4.752″4.641-4.688″
4″CSS1224″ Stainless Steel Crimp Sleeve4.811″4.703-4.750″

Part AA male Adapter

Part AA
Male Adapter x Male Adapter

Part AA Male Adapter x Male Adapter
SizePart Number
3″ x 2″A3020AAAL
3″ x 4″A304AAAL

Part DA Female Coupler x Male Adapter

Part DA
Female Coupler x Male Adapter

Part DA Female Coupler x Male Adapter
SizePart Number
2″ x 3″A2030DAAL
2″ x 4″A2040DAAL
3″ x 2″A3020DAAL
3″ x 4″A3040DAAL
4″ x 2″A4020DAAL
4″ x 3″A4030DAAL

Part DD Female Coupler by Female Coupler

Part DD
Female Coupler x Female Coupler

Part DD
SizePart Number