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UIP carries a comprehensive line of commercial and specification grade sheet rubber.  With our high-precision cutting machine, we can quickly produce custom gaskets in a wide variety of materials in both ring style and full face.  Each type of gasket has its advantages suited to specific applications.  Be sure to discuss your application needs before ordering and installing. 

Klingersil 4401 gaskets
spiral wound gaskets
Neoprene Gaskets

Rubber Gasket Materials

sheet rubber roll economy neoprene
Sheet Rubber
red rubber sheet
tan pure gum rubber

Butyl Rubber

EPDM Rubber

SBR Red Rubber

Tan Pure Gum Rubber

Nitrile Rubber
neoprene sheet
White FDA Sheet Rubber
Nitrile Sheet (BUNA N) #93

Nitrile Rubber

Neoprene Rubber

White Nitrile Rubber

(Food Grade)

FKM/Viton® Rubber

butyl sheet rubber
CSM (Hypalon) Rubber
red rubber sheet
cloth inserted rubber

Buna N Rubber

CSM Rubber

Red Silicone Rubber

CI (cloth inserted) Rubber

Pipe Gaskets

The most common type of gaskets are designed to seal flanged joints of piping systems.  The flange gasket is typically round in configuration with an Inside Diameter (ID); Outside Diameter (OD) and may have a Hole Pattern or Bolt (Hole) Circle.

Standard Sizes and Dimensions

Pipe Gaskets are made to fit pipes and flanges.  The most common standards are ASA/ANSI (USA); PN/DIN (European); BS10 (British/Australian) and JIS/KS (Japanese/Korean).

  • Gasket Tables referenced below for ANSI Standard Flanges (ASA) – To BS EN 12560-1:2001
  • Gasket Tables referenced below for PN Designated Flanges (DIN) – To BS EN 1514-1:1967

Pipe gaskets typically follow the standard size and dimensions.  But for those applications outside the standards UIP International may custom make your gaskets to your sample or specifications.

UIP International supplies pipe gaskets in a range of materials from an extensive inventory.  We utilize wood and steel rule dies on Clicker presses; hand cut custom made; stripping for door seals and a computer assisted high-speed oscillating knife cutter for large production capabilities.


Full-Face or Ring Gaskets

Pipe Gaskets can be either Full-Faced or Ringed. Full-face gaskets having bolt holes between the ID and OD that cover the full face of a flat flange.  Ring Type or Inner Bolt Circle gaskets sit inside the bolts fastening the pipe flanges on raised-face joints.

Click HERE for complete Gasket Dimensions


Material Selection

Gaskets make the best seal using the thinnest material available for an application.  Given the flange face is smooth and without defects the thin material will seal best and handle a higher internal pressure of the media being conveyed by the pipe.  Thicker materials are utilized where some deformity in the flange face and will flow into the deformities.

UIP International offers many types of gasket materials for your use.  It is best to consult with us for the best material for your application.  We have a range of sheet rubber in rolls and slabs; non-asbestos; Grafoil, Teflon and other non-metallic fiber sheets in various thicknesses and durometers (hardness).

Besides the preceding non-metallic gasket materials UIP International also distributes metallic gaskets like Spiral-wound, Ring Joint and Kammprofile.