Sandblast Hose Series 335

Sandblast hoses, also known as abrasive-blasting hoses or blast hose, are used to convey highly abrasive materials such as sand, coal slag, steel shot and aluminum oxide.

Our 4-Ply sand blast hose is designed for extended service life with an abrasion-resistant, static dissipating tube that delivers sand at high velocity. It also offers excellent flexibility and kink-resistance.  The SBR/NR tube resists abrasion in sandblast service and the static conducting properties prevent the build-up of electrical charges.

Tube: NR/SBR
Reinforcement: Textile braid or polyester cord
Cover: NR/SBR;
Length: 50 feet and 100 feet
Temperature Rating: -40° to 160°F

Stock Item or
Minimum Order
0.75″ 1.5″ .70 150 STOCK
1″ 1.88″ 1.05 150 STOCK
1.25″ 2.16″ 1.28 150 STOCK
1.5″ 2.38″ 1.40 150 STOCK
2″ 2.88 1.74 150 STOCK