Sandblast Hose Series 335

Sandblast hoses, also known as abrasive-blasting hoses or blast hose, are used to convey highly abrasive materials such as sand, coal slag, steel shot and aluminum oxide.

Our 4-Ply sand blast hose is designed for extended service life with an abrasion-resistant, static dissipating tube that delivers sand at high velocity. It also offers excellent flexibility and kink-resistance.  The SBR/NR tube resists abrasion in sandblast service and the static conducting properties prevent the build-up of electrical charges.

Tube: NR/SBR
Reinforcement: Textile braid or polyester cord
Cover: NR/SBR;
Length: 50 feet and 100 feet
Temperature Rating: -40° to 160°F

Stock Item or
Minimum Order
0.75″ 1.5″ .70 150 STOCK
1″ 1.88″ 1.05 150 STOCK
1.25″ 2.16″ 1.28 150 STOCK
1.5″ 2.38″ 1.40 150 STOCK
2″ 2.88 1.74 150 STOCK

For complete hose assemblies, please view our sandblast hose fitting options.