UIP International is one of the country's leading Expansion Joint Suppliers

We supply the finest quality expansion joints in all types of materials including rubber, metal, fabric and PTFE/Teflon® developed by today’s industry experts.
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style 1000 rubber expansion joint

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber elastomer expansion joints are used in piping systems to relieve movement stresses, reduce noise, isolate vibration and compensate for misalignment.

Fixed Plate Flanges 44

Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints are used in low pressure, higher temperature systems to compensate for thermal expansion of hot piping systems.

PTFE lined Expansion Joints

PTFE & FEP Expansion Joints

PTFE and PTFE-Lined Expansion Joints are specially designed for high chemical resistance, protecting pipes that come into contact with strong industrial and reactive materials.

Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric Duct Expansion Joints

Fabric Duct Expansion Joints provide high temperature protection often used in ducts which carry hot gasses at low pressures.

rubber concrete expansion joints

Concrete Expansion Joints

Concrete Expansion Joints provide stress protection from environmental movement in concrete slabs and structures.

Expansion joints are crucial components in a vast array of industries that provide relief from stresses caused by thermal expansion and contraction in pipelines.  Movement is always experienced in piping systems.  Our precision-engineered expansion joints are designed to absorb this movement and eliminate the danger of buckling or pulling apart. prolonging the life of the piping system.

Our expertise and capabilities include a full range of Rubber Expansion Joints, Flue Ducts, Expansion Joint Sound Absorbers,  Metal, PTFE and Fabric as well as our Combined Technologies for environmentally corrosive applications.  

Our designs incorporate the latest guidelines of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association and the Fluid Sealing Association.

We are a full-service engineering organization offering a full range of products in the highest grades of elastomers and Stainless Steel as well as exotic alloys including Monel®, Inconel® and Hastelloy®.  Quality control at UIP International, Inc. is rigorous and complies with requirements of MIL-1-45208 and MIL-Q-9858.  We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and our expansion joints also comply with US Coast Guard requirements.