SHEET TYPE 80 Commercial Grade Neoprene

SHEET TYPE 80 Commercial Grade Neoprene

Commercial grade neoprene is a cost effective, general purpose sheet rubber with low temperature flexibility and moderate resistance to oil and gasoline. It offers very good resistance to ozone, oxygen, sunlight and natural aging. It also demonstrates good flame resistance and resists rotting, checking, and cracking due to weather exposure. Commonly used in a wide variety of applications including gasketing, sealing, skirting, cushioning and weather stripping.

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Commercial Grade Neoprene Features

  • Plate finish
  • Branding NLT 60
  • Available by the Full Roll
  • Made to RMA’s Specifications

Duro: 60
Tensile: 400 – 500 psi
Elongation: 200%
Temperature: -20 to 170°F
Color: Black

Available Sizes
Gauge (in.)Width (in).Length Ft./RollApprox Lbs 36″ RollApprox Lbs 48″ Roll
1/8″36 or 4850145194
3/16″36 or 4850220290
1/4″36 or 4850145194

UIP offers an extensive range of industrial and commercial grade sheet rubber products manufactured under strict guidelines for exceptional quality. Large inventories of a wide range of elastomers are available from stock and are ready to ship same day. Custom cut sizes, stripping, and gaskets are also available to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Blanket orders and blind shipping are available by request.

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