Tapered Rubber Expansion Joints & Other Rubber Expansion Joint Styles

The purpose of a tapered rubber expansion joint is to join two pipes with unequal sizes or diameters, transitioning from a larger diameter on one side to a smaller on the other. These rubber expansion joints are often used at pump outlets or on other equipment where reducers are required. At UIP, we offer both concentric and eccentric tapered expansion joints in a variety of diameters. EPDM Concentric joints are now available from stock and are ready to ship same-day. Eccentric, or offset joints can be special ordered based on the alignment and dimensions of the piping systems. Contact our engineering department for help with your piping project.

UIP’s Rubber Bellows are designed to EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) Guidelines and FSA (Fluid Sealing Association) Standards.
Sizes – 1″ to 120″.

concentric reducing expansion joint side

Tapered Rubber Expansion Joints

Joins piping systems with unequal pipe sizes

  • Concentric for parallel piping
  • Eccentric for offset piping
  • Available in a wide variety of diameters
  • Floating flanges to provide easy installation

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BossFlex Style 100 Wide Arch

Allows for greater movement

  • Twice the capabilities of a standard arch
  • Lower spring rates required for movement
  • Fabric and steel reinforced
  • Available in multi-arch, offset and special constructions
  • 150lb drill pattern

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PremiumFlex Style 8000 Single Arch

Maximum deflection, elongation and compression.

  • Minimizes water hammer and hydraulic shock
  • Less force to move; allows maximum movements
  • “All-in-one” design eliminates the need for retaining rings
  • Available in Twin Sphere design for greater movement capabilities
  • Floating flange design provides easy installation

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DoubleFlex Style 8200 Double Sphere

Allows for greater movement

  • Available up to 12″ Diameter
  • The twin-sphere 802 comes with steel 150lb ASA drilled flanges
  • Floating flanges provide easy installation
  • Center root ring to meet PSI shown

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