Expansion Joint Equipment and Testing Capabilities

UIP International, Inc. performs regular QC tests based on sampling for our production, however, specific requests for order-specific testing will need to be quoted through our sales department.

Carbon Black Testing in Rubber
  • D2663-08
    • Standard Test Methods for Carbon Black-Dispersion in Rubber
Chemical Analysis
  • D297-93(2006)
    • Standard Test Methods for Rubber Products-Chemical Analysis
  • D2702-05(2011)
    • Standard Practice for Rubber Chemicals-Determination of Infrared Absorption Characteristics
  • D3677-10e1
    • Standard Test Methods for Rubber-Identification by Infrared Spectrophotometry
Chemical Test Methods
  • F146-04
    • Standard Test Methods for Fluid Resistance of Gasket Materials
Coated Fabrics, Rubber Threads and Seals
  • D1330-04(2010)
    • Standard Specification for Rubber Sheet Gaskets
Degradation Tests
  • D471-12
    • Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Effect of Liquids
  • D573-04(2010)
    • Standard Test Method for Rubber-Deterioration by Heat and Oxygen
  • D1149-07(2012)
    • Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration-Cracking in an Ozone Controlled Environment
  • D5963-04(2010)
    • Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Drum? Abrader)
Physical Testing
  • D395-03(2008)
    • Standard Test Method for rubber Property-Compression Set
  • D412-06ae2
    • Standard Test Method for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers-Tension
  • D2240-05(2010)
    • Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Durometer Hardness
Processability Tests
  • D2084-11
    • Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Vulcanization Using Oscillating Disk Cure Meter
Time and Temperature-Dependent Physical Properties
  • D7426-08
    • Standard Test Method for Assignment of the DSC Procedure for Determining Tg of a Polymer or an Elastomeric Compound

Perkin Elmer TGA 7

Motic SMZ168

Instron 5500

Thermogravimetric analysis measures the weight change in a sample as a function of time or temperature.


  • Quality control of rubber compounds
  • Quality control of PTFE
  • Determination of plasticizer, polymer, carbon black and fillers in rubber compounds

Microscope with digital camera interfaced to PC


  • Carbon black dispersion in rubber
  • Visual analysis of small samples
  • Surface quality of PTFE

An electromechanical test machine commonly used for static testing in tensile or compression mode.


  • Tensile and elongation testing of rubber compounds, PTFE and sheet rubber
  • Adhesion testing

Nicolet Avatar 360 FT-IR with
ATR Accessory

Taber 5150 Abraser

Monsanto R100 Rheometer

Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectroscopy utilizes an infrared signal to excite the functional groups of an organic molecule, resulting in a unique spectrum that is used to identify the purity and structure of a compound. The attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory requires no sample preparation.


  • Quality control of rubber chemicals
  • Identification of unknowns
  • Characterization of rubber compounds
  • Quality control of PTFE
  • Quality control of rubber compounds

Used to evaluate to abrasion.


  • Abrasion resistance of rubber compounds

An oscillating disc rheometer that measures the viscosity, cure time and final cure state of rubber compounds.


  • Quality control of rubber compounds

Perkin Elmer DSC 7

Perkin Elmer DSC7

Differential scanning calorimetry measures the
differences in the amount of heat required to
increase the temperature of a sample and a reference
as a function of temperature.


  • Determination of Tg, Tm and crystallinity of polymers
  • Degree of cross link, cure characteristics
    and heat of reaction of polymers
  • Quality control of polymers and PTFE