Vent / Ducting Hose

Series 400

series 400 ducting

Series 400 Blower Vent 
PVC blower vent hose supported by copper plated wire helix and resistant to ozone, sunlight and weathering. Does not support combustion.

Size: 3″ I.D. thru 4″ I.D.

Desc: Black or white

Packaging: 50ft. cartons. Standard poly bags.

Series 460

series 460 ducting

Series 460 Non-Insulated A/C Ducting 
Heavy duty PVC fabric reinforced A/C ducting with nylon and a metallic helix to insure maximum air flow and minimum condensation. Resistant t ozone sunlight. Manufactured to meet or exceed UL Class 1 standards of flame resistance.

Size: 3″ I.D. thru 7″ I.D.

Description: Gray

Packaging: 25ft. lengths. Bulk packaging.

Series 480

insulated vent ducting

Series 480 Insulated A/C Ducting – Silver Jacket
Class 1 insulated air duct UL/cUL 181. Flexible helix core made of 2-ply
polyester laminate and corrosion resistant galvanized wire. Surrounded
by a blanket of formaldehyde-free, fiberglass insulation that helps reduce
heat and cool loss. Jacketed by a heavy-duty, fire-retardant, silver
polyethylene vapor barrier with reinforced scrim.

Size: 3″ I.D. thru 8″ I.D.

Description: Aluminized exterior with heavy fiberglass insulation.  R-4.2

Packaging: 25ft. lengths. Bulk packaging.