Scupper Lips

short neck scupper lip

Rubber scupper lips are used in Naval ships and other boats as a plumbing cover of a floor drain used to drain sea water and other fluids out to sea.

UIP offers several Scupper Lip Options including Short Neck, Long Neck, Water Tri-Extension, Funnel Type and Tri-Scupper Modified styles.

Available in standard sizes in accordance with NSN or US Navy Mold numbers.

For non-standard sizes, please specify style and dimensions required when ordering.

2040-00-371-8008SHORT NECK35706.52.125
2040-00-371-8009LONG NECK35756.55
2040-00-371-8010SHORT NECK357183.25
2040-00-371-8011LONG NECK 357683.25
2040-00-371-8012SHORT NECK357294.25
2040-00-371-8013LONG NECK357794.25
2040-00-371-8014SHORT NECK 3573105.25
2040-00-371-8015LONG NECK3578105.25
2040-00-371-8016SHORT NECK3574116.5
2040-00-371-8017LONG NECK3579116.5
2040-00-963-6900WATER TRI-EXTENSION1376-A
5975-605-7702-72FUNNEL TYPE185