SERIES BSIL Certified Straight Silicone Hose

SERIES BSIL Straight Silicone Hose

4-Ply, polyester-reinforced silicone hose. SAEJ20 Compliant. Does not conduct electricity. Functions well in both extreme hot and cold temperatures. Highly resistant to chemcial corrosion and friction. Excellent resistance to ozone and UV light. Commonly used in for air intake connections, supercharger connections, cold side turbo and intercooler connections, radiator or heater core connections or where high temperatures or extreme working conditions exist. Used across multiple industries including marine, automotive, agriculture, medical, and aerospace. Stocked in smooth blue exterior with red interior. Black and red available upon request. Meets and exceeds all performance and physical criteria of SAE J20 R1, SAE J20 R1 H.T. Class A, TMC RP303B Grade I and Grade II, Mil Spec A-A-52426 and various other heavy-duty OEM specifications.

Sizes: 1″ – 2-1/2″ I.D.
Temperature: -65° to 350°F
Description: Smooth Blue Exterior
Reinforcement: 4-Ply, Polyester
Packaging: 3 Foot Sticks or Cut to Length

silicone exhaust hose

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