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Custom Hand Built Hose

We manufacture a variety of products custom built to our customers’ specifications including:

  • Dredge suction and discharge hose, dredge sleeves
  • Unsupported Tubing of Various Compounds: Cable Cover, Fly Ash Hose
  • Suction Box Hose, Ice Hose, Molasses Hose, Juice Hose, Dry Cement Hose,
    Concrete Placement Hose
  • Hose Ends: Plain Cut, Plain Capped, Soft, Enlarged
  • End Fittings: Duck and Rubber, Beaded Ends, Built-in Nipples
  • Coupling Styles: Cam and Groove, Threaded, Flanged, etc.

Our Capabilities Vary According to Size and Length: Up to 48″ ID and 100 ft. length


Please call or email for a custom quote.

UIP International Custom Hose Types Built to Your Specifications

Hose Type Description Hose Type Description
130 Industrial Vacuum 528 Methane Gas Digester
225 Oil Cargo Discharge  Hose 250 psi WP 534 Leaf Collector/Dry Powder
226 Oil Discharge 150 psi 600 Well Point Sleeve 2-ply 5/16″ Wall
231 OS & D 625 Clam Jetting, Soft Wall 150 psi-SBR
236 Oil Cargo Discharge Hose 150 psi WP 640 Fire Engine Suction
270 psi WP 400 psi Test -SBR
240 Suction and Discharge Hose 250 psi WP 732 Potable Water and Suction Discharge
244 OS & D 810 Sand and Cement Discharge
248 Molten Sulfur Hose-EPDM 828 Sand/Cement/Slurry/Suction and Discharge
265 Sewage/Sludge/Corrosive and Abrasive Materials 846 Plaster and Grout Hose, Black Cover
313 Elephant Trunk 847 Gunite Hose
350 Dredge Sleeve 848 Shotcrete-Black Cover
364 Sand Slurry/Fly Ash/Vacuum Corrugated Cover 902 Dredge Suction and Discharge
464 Pulp Mill White Liquor Suction 926 Fish Discharge
422 UHMW Chemical Transfer Hose 927 Fish Suction
510 Vacuum Loader Truck, Sewer and Water, Light Duty