Due to the highly demanding environment, manufacturers within the aerospace industry require
specification-grade materials coupled with precision die-cutting services. Many types of materials are
used and specific material call-outs are crucial. Gaskets require certificates of conformance, including
batch numbers and cure dates with full traceability.


Nitrile and Viton™/FKM, are commonly used materials because of their oil and fuel resistance. EPDM
is commonly used for door seals and graphite/non-asbestos materials can be used in the combustion
areas of an engine. Silicone is also used for high temperature applications.


Spiral wound, metal graphite and PTFE gaskets provide superior performance for highly corrosive
and high temperature applications.


Cork, Neoprene, EPDM, and Nitrile materials can be used for sealing and ventilating electrical enclosures,
circuit board support pads, mounting, switchgear and transformer components. Our parts can
be found in both industrial and everyday consumer products.

Food Processing

Silicone is used frequently as it is stable at high temperatures and also inhibits bacterial growth. For
steam or other high pressure applications, non asbestos and/or graphite material may also be used.
Other materials include FDA approved elastomers including EPDM and PTFE which offers chemical
and UV resistance, and other white food grade rubbers.


Operating under extreme conditions where exposure to dirt, mud and other contaminants is commonplace,
as is the need to service wide temperature ranges and heavy duty operation; gaskets and
seals for mining applications need to be well-chosen to ensure reliable equipment performance and
minimum downtime. High temperature and high pressure environments require special materials
including spiral wound, ring type and non-asbestos materials.

Oil & Gas

High temperature and high pressure environments require special materials including spiral wound,
ring type and non-asbestos materials.


Silicone and PTFE are the most commonly used materials for drug processing and conveyor belting.
These materials provide a clean environment and low bacterial growth.


Shaft seals, valve seals and packings are made from Neoprene and EPDM. Nitrile, Viton™ (FKM),
PTFE, and non-asbestos materials can also be used for more corrosive applications.


EPDM, Nitrile, non-asbestos, and Viton™ (FKM) are commonly used for manway gaskets to seal
against fuel, oil and water.

Ship Building/Marine

Our gasket products are designed to withstand even the most rigorous marine applications. For
decades we have supplied the marine industry with rubber, non-asbestos and metal gasket products
that guarantee longevity and low maintenance. From the private sector to government contracts our
extensive inventories meet the demands for this growing industry. Our scope of gaskets includes
many types of gaskets including high temp exhaust, manway, hatch, fuel tank and many more.

Water/Drinking Water

NSF / ANSI 61 Certified gasket material is the preferred choice in the potable water industry.
Other materials used include Red Rubber (SBR) and compressed non-asbestos
for waste water services.