SecureFlex HDPE Expansion Joints

H7000 & HP7000 Series

Designed specifically for use with HDPE piping systems and are custom manufactured to fit your HDPE pipe system precisely. Typical applications include:

  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Water Delivery and Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Fire Protection


  • No Maintenance
  • No Gaskets Required
  • Reduced Vibration
  • EASY Installation
  • 3 : 1 Safety Factor
  • Minimal Turbulence
  • Reduced Thrust Forces

Eliminate Turbulence

The reduced diameter of the inside of the HDPE piping as opposed to steel piping creates a void between the ID of the HDPE pipe and the ID of the expansion joint. This “void” not only creates excessive turbulence but also increases the area of thrust which will increase total thrust forces transmitted to the adjacent piping and equipment. The Secure-Flex H7000 and HP7000 open arch expansion joints will eliminate turbulence almost 90%, for filled arch joints —100%. The total thrust force is also reduced (see below) with this design. ***WARNING Standard spool type expansion joints with full face duck and rubber flanges are not designed to mate with the HDPE type adapter hubs. That design must mate with full flat face metal flanges. Spherical expansion joints are designed to mate with standard 150# ANSI raised face dimensions which are generally different than the Hub OD-2 (see table 2) dimensions. Both types are designed for metal piping, not HDPE piping.

Secure-Flex Features and Benefits

Precision laser-cut carbon steel flanges * Powder-coated flanges for maximum durability * Floating flange design for ease of installation * Polyester tire cord or Kevlar® wrapped around a solid steel ring in the base of the rubber flange -Prevents the tire-cord from pulling out of the flange -Provides superior sealing * Available in non-standard face-to-face dimensions * PTFE lining available * Compensates for offset bolt holes and some piping misalignment

Material Selection

NSF-61 Peroxide-cured EPDM or Nitrile
Natural Rubber-180°F
Gum Rubber-180°F
Chlorobutyl 250°F
Viton® -400°F
White FDA

*Polyester tire cord: Standard; Kevlar® for use in high pressure applications

Ordering Information

1. Size – Please include nominal Pipe OD and Actual HDPE pipe ID. This will determine the actual ID of the Expansion Joint

2. Service Conditions – Pressure/Temperature/Media. This will determine the material selection and design type

3. Movement HDPE Pipe. This helps determine the number of arches required in the joint

4. Flange Drilling (note: Standard Flanges are 150# drill. UIP International, Inc. can supply any drilling pattern required

5. Accessories Required – Control Units/Protective Covers/ Safety Shields