Spool Type 150, 200 & 200XL


UIP International, Inc. “Supreme” Arch-Type Expansion Joints are the WORKHORSE of our line. The arch design is the key that furnishes the flexibility required. Basic styles available in single, multiple or wide-arch constructions include:

  • Style 150 for pressure and vacuum
  • Style 200 for heavy duty pressure and vacuum
  • Style 200XL for very high pressure service
  • Concentric
  • Eccentric

(Expansion Joints that handle up to 500°F are available)

spool type expansion joint

Basic construction consists of tube, flange, carcass, internal steel reinforcements, cover and steel retaining rings, and hand wrapped finishes.

UIP International, Inc. Expansion Joints can be made with:

  • Filled arches
  • Multiple arches
  • PTFE lined
  • Sleeve ends
  • Without arch
  • Tapered (eccentric or concentric)
  • Offset
  • With enlarged arches and with special tube compounds for air, gas, oil, petroleum products, acids, slurries and chemicals of many kinds.

Fire retardant construction to ASTM F1123 specifications and readily available with complete testing and certification.

All “Supreme” Expansion Joint constructions can conform to U.S. Coast Guard requirements per customer request.

Tapered Configuration

UIP International, Inc. offset joints are custom-designed and built to remedy a specific misalignment of 1/8-inch or more, plus any non-parallelism of flange faces. They are available in our basic styles (150, 200 and 1000) as well as Navy style ASTM F1123. Conditions of offset and non-parallelism must be stated. Arrows indicating dimensions and other data that must accompany inquiry as well as points in General Ordering information. Offset joints can be made from targets supplied by customer. Flanges may be supplied blank for drilling on job sites.

tapered spool type expansion joint

Data for Tapered Joints

The degree of taper should not exceed 25° where a taper is more than 15°, a filled arch is recommended. Where a filled arch is utilized, the available movement will be decreased 50% from that of an open arch.


UIP International, Inc. “SUPREME” Tapered Spool-Type Expansion Joints are available in three types: Style 150 for pressure and vacuum; Style 200 for heavy duty vacuum and pressure; and Style 200XL for extra high-pressure applications.

Tapered joints are used to connect flanges with different diameters, whether Supreme 150 Concentricparallel or offset, with initial misalignment less than 1/8 inch.

Tapered joints can be made with the following variations: With filled arch, sleeve ends, without arch: with special tube materials; with larger arch; with straight section on smaller end of joint to assure clearance of bolts on eccentric type joints and on joints with considerable taper.

Both concentric and eccentric shapes are available in a wide variety of sizes. As with the regular Expansion joints, when piping is not anchored, control units must be used to prevent over-elongation of the joints.

For determining operating characteristic, use the largest I.D. dimension of the expansion joint for specifying refer to chart on “DIMENSIONS” page.


Where a proposed taper is greater than 25°, we recommend a steel reducer Supreme Eccentricbe utilized and a spool-type expansion joint be used in the adjacent piping. The above guides are generally applicable to concentric tapers. Where an eccentric taper exceeds 25° consult UIP International, Inc. engineering department.

Note: UIP International, Inc. Flexible Rubber Pipe can also be supplied in the tapered construction.

Construction Details


The tube is a single piece of leak-proof lining extending flange-to-flange. It can be furnished in natural rubber, neoprene, chlorobutyl, CSM, Viton®, Nitrile®, or other compounds as desired. All of our rubber compounds are specifically formulated to provide maximum sound and heat insulation as well as abrasion resistance.


This is a strong, bias-ply construction, high-strength woven polyester reinforcing fabric between the tube and cover. The fabric will not rot or mildew and is thoroughly impregnated with a special friction compound to give maximum adhesion under pressure, vacuum and stress conditions.

Steel Reinforcements

These are the chemically treated solid-round, endless steel rings embedded in the carcass (with UIP International, Inc. proprietary method to prevent ring migration) giving maximum strength to the expansion joint while under pressure or vacuum service. Round rings, as opposed to square or rectangular rings, are used so there will be no sharp edges which could cut into the reinforcing carcass while flexing causing premature wear to the expansion joint.


This is the exterior surface of the expansion joint, compounded of fire-retardant neoprene to withstand aging, cracking and corrosion.


Flanges are full-faced and made an integral part of the joint to insure a tight reliable seal. No gaskets are necessary. They are drilled to conform to the bolt holes of the companion metal flanges of the pipe line.

Steel Retaining Rings

Steel retaining rings are made of flat-rolled steel, split, bevelled and plated, and are required for installation.

Hand Wrapped Finish

Hand wrapping the finish (although more time consuming in construction) insures individual attention so that maximum pressure for curing has been obtained.

  • Style 150-For pressure/vacuum service
  • Style 189-For high temperature and low spring rate, pressure limited to 25 psi.
  • Style 200-For heavy duty high pressure/vacuum service
  • Style 200XL-For very high pressures. Consult factory for construction details
  • Style 1000-Wide arch offers more movement. Hand wrapped build process offers a large variety of construction variations.
  • Style 1100-Wide arch offers more movement. moulded design keeps cost low.

Control Units

Excessive elongation, caused by shifting of pipe lines, may seriously damage rubber expansion joints. This damage can occur when: necessary support is not provided for the weight of the pipe line; low temperatures in the line are encountered. the lines on the pressure side of air compressors are not anchored properly. Such destructive elongation con be controlled with UIP International, Inc. control units.

These units are recommended for use where such conditions occur, such as on air-conditioning units that are subjected to reduced temperatures.

In general, control units are always recommended as an additional safety factor, preventing damage to the connector and associated equipment. Our experts will recommend the nits appropriate for your installation.

Temperature Limits for Continuous Service

Style Temperature Style Temperature
150 HTS
200 HTS
150 HT
200 HT
189 SG 500°F
(Low Pressure)

Suggestions for Installation and Maintenance

  1. Clean all foreign matter and remove burrs or sharp edges from flanges
  2. All pipe lines should be properly supported, so that the expansion joints do not carry the pipe load
  3. Remove burrs or sharp edges from flanges
  4. Do not install joints on raised face flanges of more than 1/16″
  5. All pipes are to be lined up accurately before installing expansion joints. Offset joints should be installed where misalignment is greater than the lateral movement allowed by joint construction.
  6. Paint flange face with a mixture of ordinary graphite mixed with enough glycerin to form a thin paste. This will assist removal if it should become necessary.
  7. Bolts should be on the inside of the joint flange. Metal washer must be placed at the facing of the split retaining rings.
  8. Bolts should be tightened by alternating around the flange and all tightened equally
  9. Slight gouges or abraded areas caused by tools or bolts during installation should be sealed with rubber cement and painted to prevent deterioration of the carcass
  10. Bolt tightness should be checked one week after going on stream and checked periodically thereafter
  11. Joints installed outdoors should have neoprene cover. All joints should be painted with UNAFLEX® Hypalon® paint
  12. All joints should be painted with UIP International, Inc. CSM paint once a year
  13. If system is not anchored to insure against movement beyond maximum stated limits control units must be used
Drilling Information
Styles 189, 150, 200, 200XL, 1000
UIP International, Inc. style 150, 200 and 1000 joints from 2″ to 48″ are certified by ABSA
Joint Size I.D. (in.) Single Arch Double Arch Triple Arch
Min. f-f (in.) Min. f-f (in.) Min. f-f (in.)
1/2 to 6 6 10/12* 12/16*
8 6 10/12* 14/18*
10 8 12/16* 14/20*
12 8 12/16* 14/20*
14 to 20 8 12/16* 16/20*
22 to 24 10 14/16* 18/22*
26 to 34 10 14/16* 18/22*
36 to 40 10 14/16* 18/22*
42 to 144 12 14/18* 18/22*
* Wide Arch Style 1000
Note: These face-to-face dimensions are only a guide. Consult factory for special requirements