Dura-Perm PTFE-Lined Spool Type Expansion Joint

UIP International, Inc. Dura-Perm Expansion Joints combine the best features of PTFE/FEP with the best features of elastomeric expansion joints.  PTFE available in 1” through 12” and FEP available in 14” through 96” I.D. standard face-to-face dimensions, or special lengths.  Available in multiple arch configurations, or as straight pipe (see flexible pipe section).  Flanges are available as raised-face dimensional flares or full-face.

Note: 1/2” to 1-1/2” sizes are flared to raise face dimension only.

Benefits of Utilizing Dura-Perm Expansion Joints

  • They are recommended for use in the chemical and pulp paper industries because of their capabilities to resist corrosive attack, high temperatures and pressures.
  • Chemical resistance/anti-stick properties
  • Noise and vibration dampening/high flexibility
  • Thermal stability/resistance to age cracking
  • High pressure rating/temperature rating of up to 400 degrees F available

Use of Control Units

In general, control units are always recommended as an additional safety factor, preventing damage to the connector and associated equipment. Our experts will recommend units appropriate for your installation.

Excess elongation, caused by shifting of pipelines, may seriously damage rubber expansion joints. This damage can occur when:

  • Necessary support is not provided for the weight of the pipeline; low temperatures in the line are encountered
  • The lines on the pressure side of the air compressors are not anchored properly. Such destructive elongation can be controlled with UIP International, Inc. control units.

PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer which finds numerous applications.



Temperature Limits for Continuous Service

Joint Series Temperature F Elastomeric Cover
150 250 Neoprene or Nitrile
200 250 Neoprene or Nitrile
200 XL 250 Neoprene or Nitrile
150 HT 300 Butyl or EPDM
200 HT 300 Butyl or EPDM
200 XL/HT 300 Butyl or EPDM
150 V 400 FKM
200 V 400 FKM
200 XL/V 400 FKM

Duraperm PTFE