Pump Connectors - Metal Bellows Division

ptfe lined metal pump connector

Series 5000BPC

Flexible Metal Pump Connectors are designed wit a flexible core of corrugated tin bronze or -type 321 stainless steel tubing under the braid.  Flat-face flanges are standard; however, other types are available.  A wire braid is used over the flexible core on most designs to provide strength for the rated operating pressure.

Pump Connector Assemblies

Standard Operating Specifications for Series 5000 Metal Bellows Pump Connector

Max. Operating Pressure: 150 Psig

Max. Operating Temperature: 500°F


Axial Compression
(2″ND to 8″ND): 0.5″

(10″ND to 16″ND):0.75″

Axial Extension
(All Sizes):0.25″

Lateral Offset
(All Sizes):0.13″

Flanges to mate with ANSI B16.5 150# Flange Drilling.

If flow velocity exceeds 25 feet per second, UIP International, Inc. recommends adding a flow liner.

Ordering Code: Nominal Size, BPC, Dash Number, L (if liner required), End Configuration
(44 for welded flanges each end 66 for floating flanges each end)

Example: 3″ BPC-048-L-44

series 5000 Metal Bellows Pump Connector