Tube-Flex Engine Exhaust Expansion Joints

UIP International, Inc. “Tube-Flex” Series 7000 Stainless Steel Engine exhaust Expansion Joints are manufactured from a thin-gauge stainless steel tube. This tubular body is formed into corrugations forming a bellows providing a highly flexible and durable connector for the extremes of exhausting engine gases.

End Connections

Type W-Welding Nipples

Type T-IPT Threaded Nipples

Type FP-1/2″ thick plate flange (specify O.D. bolt circle, number of bolt holes and bolt hole diameter)

Type SFP-Square plate flange (specify outside dimension, Bolt pattern and Bolt hole diameter).

Tube Flex Engine Exhaust
Tube Flex Chart

U-100 Style Expansion Joints

UIP International, Inc. “Tube-Flex” Style U-100 Expansion Joints can absorb longitudinal and lateral movement in one cycle. Opposite ends of the¬†joint can move laterally in opposite directions to complete an expansion cycle. UIP International, Inc. U-100 joints can be lagged with fire-proofing insulation for fire protection without affecting flexibility.


  • Can be ordered packed (A) or special packed (S)
  • Equipped with rigid or floating flanges (optional)
  • Sizes 4″ to 26″ I.D.


  • Diesel exhaust steam lines
  • Water and oil lines; *air intakes
  • Air service for boilers
  • Conveying hot liquids
U 100 Style