Concrete expansion joints, including rubber strips and cut rubber bearing pads, are used in many structural applications.  From slabs, sidewalks and pavements, to buildings, bridges, railway tracks and ships; concrete expansion joints are necessary to prevent expansive cracking and minimize damage due to movement and environmental fluctuations.

Concrete has the unavoidable disadvantage of shrinking as it dries. Additionally, concrete will expand or shrink due to changes in temperature, humidity and moisture.  It is also susceptible to structural shifts.   Any of these factors will lead to harmful effects like cracking if there is not sufficient space for the concrete to move.  Concrete expansion joints allow for expansion and contraction of concrete without inducing stress to the system.

UIP provides elastomeric concrete expansion joints that can be custom cut to meet your application and design.  We can often have these materials ready for pick-up or shipment same-day. 

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rubber concrete expansion joints

Rubber Expansion Joint Strips for Concrete

Bearing Pads

Bearing Pads for Railway Spandrel Bridge