Offshore Oil Hose

Construction of offshore oil hose depends upon the product being transferred and additional operational parameters.
Featured here, are custom built hoses for Liquid Petroleum Gas Applications.
The offshore transfer of LPG requires specific hose design and construction to stand up to the harsh and demanding offshore environment. Our custom built LPG submarine hoses contain design elements which specifically recognize a potential for LPG to permeate typical oil hose rubber linings. They are electrically discontinuous and the cover is resistant to wear, aging, stress, abrasion, ozone, oil and saltwater penetration. They also feature built-in, seamless carbon steel nipples with 300lb ANSI fixed x floating weld neck, raised-face flanges. These hoses have been hydro-tested and certified to USCG Standards. Learn more about our extensive offshore oil hose capabilities on our website.
TYPE 297 Daytona Type Mainline Submarine Hose
TYPE 298 Daytona Type Tanker Rail Hose