AIC Hose Couplings and Fittings

UIP’s sister company, Atlantic International Coupling Company, has been listening to our customers!  In 3Q 2019, we are bringing to market the following highly demanded couplings & fittings:

  • Type B Suction & Discharge Couplings (Bauer style)
  • Universal Air Hose Fittings (Claw/Chicago type)
  • Ground Joint Couplings with 4-Bolt Clamps
  • Sandblast Fittings

All of these couplings, as well as our Combination Nipples and Cam & Groove Couplings, can be used on our premium quality UIP hose products.

Type B Suction & Discharge Couplings are made from galvanized steel and are used for applications containing non-hazardous liquids or water for suction and discharge.  Primary uses include irrigation or de-watering applications.  Compatible with UIP hose Styles 618 and 622.

Universal Air Fittings are plated steel fittings used for air service up to 150 PSI Working Pressure.  Common hose sizes from ¼” to 1” ID.  Compatible with UIP hose Style 112.

Ground Joint Couplings and 4-Bolt Clamps are made from plated steel or iron and are used for air, water and steam service.  Sizes range from ½” to 4” ID.  Compatible with UIP hose Styles 111, 114 and 536.

Sandblast Fittings are made from aluminum and are used with Sand Blast/Recovery hose sizes ¾” to 1-1/2”ID.  Compatible with UIP Hose Styles 334 and 335.

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