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Our History

UIP International, Inc

Our History


Back in 1972, Unaflex, Inc was formed in response to the closing of the old Uniroyal company; the inventor of the first rubber spool-type expansion joint, circa 1930.  After Uniroyal shut down production at its primary manufacturing facility in Passaic, New Jersey, Unaflex was able to commission many of the recently unemployed craftsman, with years of experience, to begin to manufacture rubber expansion joints and hose connectors.  Unaflex, with the help of many of these expert craftsman, began production in early 1973. Due to the new void in the marketplace, the fledgling company Unaflex grew rapidly.  After a brief move to Long Island, New York, Unaflex again moved operations to South Florida.  Many of the ex-Uniroyal craftsman relocated to Florida with them and carried on the sophisticated building techniques that were ingrained in them. Growth continued and as technological advancements developed (such as synthetic fabrics and new elastomers) they were incorporated into Unaflex products.

In 1992, Unaflex expanded further, adding Sheet Rubber Products and Rubber Hose Lines. Semperits Warehousing operation in Houston, Texas was acquired, as well as Cincinnati Rubber Hose Company’s hose building equipment and rubber processing equipment. This allowed Unaflex to grow additional product lines and service new markets.

The Unaflex Expansion Joint Company was sold off in 2017 and became a part of the Kadant Corporation, now known as Kadant-Unaflex.  At that time, Unaflex Industrial Products was renamed UIP International, Inc and continued, under the same ownership and management, to supply a broad spectrum of industrial products.  Headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida with additional facilities in Houston, Texas, UIP International continues to expand its industrial product lines which now include a wide range of Sheet Rubber products, a complete line of Industrial Hose, Marine Hose, Hydraulic Hose and Custom Hand-built hose products as well as stainless steel and Couplings.  UIP International provides quality products worldwide.  Where Quality is the Standard.